Jobs at Infobaleen

Infobaleen's success relies on a team of creative, passionate, and dedicated people from diverse backgrounds. We offer great opportunities at the research frontier of machine learning.

UX and Front-End Developer

Come work as a UX and Front-End Developer at our growing company to advance and learn together with research frontier data scientists.

At Infobaleen we help companies to efficiently make data-driven decisions at scale based on their available transaction data. Our vision is to build the world's most efficient solution for turning transaction data into smart decisions and recommendations. You will be part of a creative, ambitious, and fun team at the innovative interface between science and business.

We are looking for a full-time UX and Front-End Developer to prototype, develop, productionalize, and maintain responsive web design — a coder with an eye for design. You will collaborate with our development and data science teams on our data intelligence platform or in client projects and deliver complete front-end applications. Remote work is possible.

You have strong UX design skills and proficiency in modern web languages, including Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3. Experience with VueJS, React, and their material design frameworks is an advantage. Preferably, you have experience with, or are interested in learning, back-end web development langugages such as Go, PHP (Laravel), and SQL. You are willing and able to constantly learn and keep up with the latest and greatest development technologies. Personal qualities such as collaboration, communication, and problem solving skills are essential.

If you are interested, please contact Jakob Sjölander to learn more.

Master's thesis projects in machine learning

We often have interesting and challenging data science projects for students.

We develop transparent machine learning algorithms for graph-structured data at the interface between network science and machine learning, and apply them to pressing decision problems in industry. Typical projects aim to automate data-driven decisions at scale or refine and evaluate predictive models.

Most likely, you are a skilled coder in a computer science or engineering physics program with interest in statistichal modeling, data mining, and machine learning.

If you are interested, please contact Martin Rosvall to learn more.