AI-powered campaign optimization for e-commerce & retail

— increase sales to existing customers

— reduce costs for acquiring new customers

— save time by automating manual work

From the research frontier

Stop losing sales and customers to your competitors

Tedious work. Strenuous days. Uncertain results. We understand your frustration. With 15+ years at the research frontiers of machine learning, we can help you turn your data into value and transform both your day and your business.

AI-Targeting helps CRM managers send campaigns to the most relevant customers

AI-Prospecting helps Marketing managers acquire new customers at a lower cost

Learn more about Infobaleen in a two-minute video or a blog post.

AI-Targeting increases your campaign conversion rates

With targeted email campaigns, we helped one of our retail customers improve their conversion rates with 13–62%.

You select products and the campaign optimizer identifies the customer groups that most likely will buy them.

AI-Prospecting cuts your acquisition costs with optimal lookalike audiences

We helped one of our e-commerce customers decrease cost per order for their Facebook campaigns with up to 70%.

The campaign optimizer identifies the optimal sets of people to upload to your Facebook account and use for look-a-like audiences.

Optimizing your marketing campaign is easy

Free consultation
We schedule a free consultation to identify your challenges and objectives.
Proof of Concept
A/B test the performance of our campaign optimization solution using your data.
We implement the campaign optimizer in your existing CRM and marketing eco-system.
After the onboarding we meet monthly to guarantee you recieve all of the benefits we provide.

A summary for dummies and robots

How does the Infobaleen AI work?

We have created a campaign optimization tool that helps you identify optimal combinations of products and customers to increase sales to existing customers and reduce costs to acquire new customers.

Entrusted clients and testimonials

Big industries to small startups, we got your back.

We are happy work with succesful companies and help them turn their data into value by transforming both their days and their businesses.

Learn more about our pricing works
Infobaleen works with companies ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of milllions transactions, each with unique needs and use cases.
Infobaleen proof of concept
Do you want to know what value optimized campaigns can generate for you and your business? Test our risk-free, proof of concept before you decide if you want to start using our services.


Learn how we help our customers in five steps from data to optimized marketing campaigns.

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